What do Credit Card Numbers Mean?

5 Jul

Have you ever wondered what credit card numbers are for? They are not just a series of numbers randomly drawn by a computer, even though you might think so suddenly, but each number has its own meaning.

The first six digits of the card are the card issuer ID. The first number on the credit card also reveals the issuer’s industry card as follows:

  • 1-2 airlines
  • 3 Travel & Entertainment (American Express, Diners Club)
  • 4-5 bank or financial institution (Visa, Mastercard)
  • 6 bank or retail
  • 7 oil field
  • 8 healthcare and telecommunications
  • 9 other players

The card issuer ID is followed by the cardholder’s personal customer account ID, and the last number in the series serves as a kind of verification number. The most common length for debit card numbers is 16, but shorter sequences are also used. In addition, each credit card company has its own identifier (the first 1-3 digits of the card), which cannot be used by other card providers.

Debit and Credit combo cards have two sets of numbers. Here’s what you need to be careful about when shopping online: If you want to pay for your credit by credit, you need to use the number on the front of your card. Debit-side part number can be found on the reverse side to the lower left corner.

What’s the miracle security code?


However, the numbers on the credit card do not end with the credit card number itself, but also have a separate security code on the side of the card. The payment card’s security code, CVC / CV2, is used as an additional security to pay for online purchases, in addition to your credit card number and expiration date. The code name (CVC / CV2) varies depending on the card issuer.

The three-digit security code to find the Visa and Mastercard cards, refer next to the reverse side of the signature strip. American Express, Good finance’s four-digit security code, is usually printed on the front of the card. The combination cards have fees for debit side pressure after a separate security code debit number.

Card validity period

Card validity period

The card’s validity period is usually printed on the front of the card (mm / year). The card is valid until the end of the stated month of expiry. However, in some cases, the seller may still accept a charge to the card even after it has expired, so when disposing of an expired card, it is best to properly destroy the card.

Card expiration does not require any special action from the cardholder

Card expiration does not require any special action from the cardholder

As the card issuer automatically delivers the new card before the expiration date. This, of course, requires that the credit card agreement with the lender is valid and ongoing. Usually a new card is delivered well in advance, about a month before the old card expires.

If you are going a long distance, you should check that the card is valid for the entire trip. Nothing would be more painful than noticing in the middle of a trip that no more money can be withdrawn from the machine.

When used properly, a credit card is a handy tool to help your household, even when traveling. Indeed, credit cards have quite a number of advanced features that offer interesting and useful benefits to everyone. Use our credit card comparison to find the card that suits you best!

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