Debtors of local government.

10 Jul

The arrears of residents and entrepreneurs

The arrears of residents and entrepreneurs

According to the data of the Screentalk, the GIV register of debtors , the arrears of residents and entrepreneurs entered into this database by municipalities amount to over PLN 822 million. These are claims due to:

  • Tax Assessment in real estate, agriculture, forestry,
  • residential rents,
  • bills for garbage collection,
  • property rental fees,
  • water and sewage charges,
  • penalties for driving without a ticket.

In total, there are over 177,000 in the register entities. It’s just 7 percent.

All debtors added to the database.

All debtors added to the database.

However, representatives of GIV Screentalk have no doubt that there are more of these liabilities and unreliable debtors (even for the use of communal flats), but local governments do not add them to the register. Grounds?

Various. Local government officials are afraid that in this way they will worsen the situation of the indebted person even more. Sometimes it is someone familiar. There is also a political factor, i.e. the fear of losing votes.

If local government officials decide to act, they usually get to it too late. In this way they deprive themselves of the chance to recover larger sums. While debt collection measures taken in the first three months give up to 90 percent. the result is the effectiveness of reminders or the announcement of an entry in the debtors register with each passing month.

As a result, municipalities may have problems settling their liabilities. Less influence makes it difficult for them to run and start investments aimed at improving the quality of life for all residents.

Municipalities as creditors

Municipalities as creditors

According to GIV Screentalk data, the largest number of debtors in relation to local governments is found in the largest voivodships: Mazowieckie (40,000 entities), Śląskie (28,500) and Dolnośląskie (19,000). But in terms of the value of overdue debt, the voivodship excels. Łódź (almost PLN 166 million).

In the city classification, most local government debtors occur in:

  1. Warsaw (13,000 entities)
  2. Gdańsk (7,000)
  3. Łódź (5,000).

The order in terms of value looks similar. Residents have the largest backlog of their own city:

  1. Łódź (PLN 126.8 million)
  2. Warsaw (86.4 million PLN)
  3. Gdańsk (PLN 28.9 million).

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